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Gym locker naked

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We make ourselves into one or the other.

Combing their hair naked, brushing their teeth naked, having conversations naked. Sexy asian tgirl. Why wouldn't it be okay. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

It's not about simply changing clothes, it's about being unnecessarily naked for extended times and actions. If it were a longer drive for me, I might consider it, but for now my living arrangements mean I don't have to shower or change at the gym, I can do all of that at home.

I wear flipflops and give the shower time to rinse itself for a minute or so before I step in. Gym locker naked. I did a quick poll of the two clothed dudes, and showed them this thread. Some do it in pants but no shirt.

You may not vote on this poll. Because at a certain age you stop giving a shit about what other people think of you. Results 1 to 30 of The ship that holds the straightest course Still sails the convex sea.

Your poll options are faulty I'd rather just go home. Curvy wife big tits. Younger people are more self conscious, generally. Of course you need to drop the towel to change, makes sense, go for it. This story had me in stiches.

It will be glorious. As long as you aren't looking all around and focusing on getting clean, you won't cause any breach of etiquette. Nov 29, Posts: If you are in the latter category, don't use the locker room or use it but don't shower. I can't do crossfit and also be a Detroit Lions fan. It's like they purposely avoid having clothes on when they're in the locker room.

Gym locker naked

And we don't want to watch it swirl down the drain with your shampoo suds. I figured this out at some point and if I see him in the gym and expect our showers will overlap, I go to a head on the otherside of the room.

Some guys may want to see you in the buff, but none are going to tell you. You guys are right on all counts though. That sounds like some kind of freaky porn niche to me. Originally posted by Frennzy: You just look around and put your towel where others put it.

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Taking a shorter shower so you can check back on your locker quicker may be best, as well as drying lightly in the shower area and more thoroughly at your locker so you can keep an eye on it.

Never miss a story from Human Partswhen you sign up for Medium. David beckham naked cock. The trip back to the locker is the same as the trip into the showers. The gym provides a perfectly acceptable place for toweling yourself off in private. Q3 Where do I keep the towel while I'm in the shower? I have a towel wrapped around my waist when shaving, etc.

Nov 25, Posts: After cardio in the morning or with weights at lunch and sometimes with stuff after work, I'm still half an hour from home and right downtown so it makes no sense to make an hour round trip for me.

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There was a naked guy changing by the lockers, a naked guy coming out of the showers, and a naked guy standing up and doing some stretches in the jacuzzi. Gym locker naked. Dunno why, not terribly concerned about it. It's so true and hilarious. I go home after work, eat dinner, change and then go to the gym. And we don't want to step in it, either. Girl showing her naked ass. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Originally posted by Canis: Being naked in a locker room is natural to the situation, so there is no need to feel self-consciour about it.

Yet another opportunity for self-care, circling around a communal drain. It's a frigging locker room, nudity is normal. If you are in the latter category, don't use the locker room or use it but don't shower. It is a choice. Do I need to wear sandals to protect against athlete's foot, for example? Mar 17, Posts: This gives others space, but it is not an inviolable rule, One guy at my gym for some reason apparently needs to use the same shower head, and if the shower is empty except for me, upon entering he will take the head right next to mine if it is the one he likes.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Always use shower shoes, e. I'm in the Army, so, yeah, there's not much point to being self-conscious. Anne hathaway hot nude pics. Jul 30, Posts:

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Um, its a locker room. Just to clarify, I have nothing against the naked old men from my old gym, but there is a time, and a place, to rub baby powder into your nuts. Indian hot naked images. If you can do that without getting naked then best of luck with that.

I don't shower at the gym when I've gone just because I don't trust public washrooms in general. Gym locker naked. Use your judgement as to how safe the lockers are. Lesbian cute sex Yoga is a great option for aging bodies, as it promotes working within your own comfort zone. In the locker room, I am not at risk of damage from the elements, so I don't need clothes to protect myself. I am in and out of the shower rather quickly, acknowledging the line of nude women waiting for their chance to work up a foam of air-flavored suds on their scalps.

I've been in and around the military for 25 years and I've used gym showers for more than What does worry me though is the possibility of committing some kind of social faux pas or perhaps even exposing myself to some kind of safety hazard.

There are also two guys in here who are not naked, and they apparently don't give a shit.

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